Go Directly To Jail


While tenants and business operators may not be able to take-off during airport closure, the City, via e-mail from Airport Operations Analyst, Diana Hernandez, explains that you can land......in jail, that is! Airport tenants and business operators are reminded that areas of the airport normally off-limits, will remain off-limits during the time that the airport is closed to aircraft flight operations.


"Good morning Tenants,                                                                                                  12/14/2017

 This email is a reminder that although the Airport is currently NOTAM closed tenants are not allowed to drive or walk on the runway or taxiways. These areas are restricted to authorized personnel only; therefore, tenants please continue to drive on the vehicle service road.

The Santa Monica Municipal Code - Article 10 Airport Regulations stipulates the following:

 SMMC (c) Motor Vehicles: “No person shall operate a motor vehicle on, upon, or across any portion of the Airport except along or upon roadways designated for travel by motor vehicles or those portions of the Airport set aside by the Airport Director for automobile parking purposes.”

SMMC Pedestrians: “No pedestrians shall be upon any taxiway or landing area of the Airport without first obtaining a signed permit from the Airport Director…”

 Please be informed that the City will prosecute violators to the full extent of the law, including taking action against your tenancy on this Airport.  If you have any questions, please contact the Airport Administration at 310-458-8591.

 Thank you for your cooperation.
Diana Hernandez, Airport Operations Analyst"

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