How much do you know about SMO?

Did YOU Know The 227 acres of prime real estate, The Santa Monica Airport, is part of the National Transportation System?

Did YOU Know SMO’s airspace guarantees that no high-rise buildings or other “Aeronautical Obstructions” can be erected within 3.2 miles of the runway; buildings that would otherwise over shadow the surrounding homes, schools, existing nearby parklands and shoreline adding more traffic and density?

Did YOU Know if commercial flights to and from LAX didn’t have to avoid Santa Monica Airport’s air-space they could fly over Santa Monica as low as 3500 feet five-hundred (yep, 500) times a day and night because LAX has no curfew?

Did YOU Know major airlines have stated if SMO were to close and LAX’s airspace ‘floor’ was lowered they would immediately fly lower across Santa Monica and Venice to save millions of dollars in fuel, every day and every night?

Did YOU Know traffic on the 405 and the 10 and construction noise are the dominant sources of air and noise pollution in Santa Monica?

Did YOU Know SMO is one of the quietest airports in the nation?

Did YOU Know SMO is becoming increasingly quiet as newer aircraft produce less noise and electric airplanes are on the horizon?

Did YOU Know the EPA conducted a comprehensive study in 2010 of the air and soil for lead contamination at Santa Monica Airport and the results showed no elevated lead on airport property or in local parks? This demonstrates the successful integration of aviation and recreation for all of Santa Monica and the surrounding areas.

Did YOU Know SMO is the home over 175 businesses employing more than 1500 people; residents and taxpayers of Santa Monica and the surrounding region?

Did YOU Know SMO is a vital transportation hub for businesses of all sizes that bring business and revenue to Santa Monica from around the world?

Did YOU Know these Companies range from high-profile silicon beach jobs, entertainment companies, manufacturing companies, local and national companies and government agencies?

Did YOU Know The Santa Monica Airport handles over 90,000 flights per year? The majority of planes are small privately owned airplanes held by individuals from all income brackets. Flying is for everyone and some planes cost less then some cars. Who knew?

Did You Know SMO is currently and historically profitable; however over six million (estimates upwards over $12,000,000 of tax payers dollars) has been used over time for legal fees and public relations by the Santa Monica City Council in their efforts to close the airport, and, shockingly, much of this debt is not backed up by detailed accounting?

Did YOU Know SMO by itself, generates over $275,000,000 of positive economic activity each year?

Did You Know SMO documented economic benefits are further detailed at: www.smgov.net/departments/airport 

Did YOU Know The Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles Program, part of a National Program of volunteer pilots, has provided over 2,000,000 free flights to kids ages eight to eightteen? That EAA #11, based at Santa Monica has already introduced over 2,000 young people to the beauty of flight and there are free flights scheduled throughout the year?

Did YOU Know The future need for pilots was the reason The Young Eagles Program was launched and over 2000 Young Eagles have become pilots?

Did YOU Know The Museum of Flying offers a dynamic location for school, scout and group field trips with the focus on the history and the future of flight. 

Did YOU Know Santa Monica Airport is the only airport in the area with an observation deck? It’s free, it’s open 365 days a year, and it’s a favorite spot for photographers, school groups and families alike.

Did YOU Know there are three flight schools located at SMO, each one with it’s own unique consumer focus? Adults can have fun learning too.

Did YOU Know Pilot Outfitters is a store at the airport that has books, DVD’s and all kinds of educational tools for adults and children? 

Did YOU Know there’s a year round soccer field on the airport grounds that has outdoor lighting for night games too?

Did YOU Know art classes are held at some studios located on the grounds?

Did YOU Know 2016 is the 10th Year of the Popular Santa Monica Airport Art Walk? .

Did YOU Know Spitfire Grill has outdoor seating year round, American fare and your well-behaved dog is welcomed if you sit outside?
Did YOU Know The Ruskin Theatre is a professional theatre located right at the airport? www.ruskingrouptheatre.com

Did YOU Know there’s a dog park at the Airport that’s dog and people friendly?

Did YOU Know there’s a place for picnics, baseball, and plane watching at the 17.2-acre Clover Park, adjacent to the airport?

Did YOU Know music videos, films, commercials, special events, private parties and more all take place at the largest indoor facility on the west side; Barker Hangar, right at the Santa Monica Airport? Business and Entertainment; now that’s what I’m taking about!!! 

Did YOU Know Angel Flight West is a Volunteer organization based at SMO. Their volunteer pilots flew over eight-hundred life saving missions to hospitals in Santa Monica and throughout the country in 2015. These are your neighbors, friends and unsung hero’s. http://www.angelflightwest.org/

Did YOU Know in 2015 over one thousand rescue dogs were transported to their new homes by Volunteer Pilots based out of SMO? www.wingsofrescue.org

Did YOU Know Since 1948 SMO is a military base airport when needed?

Did YOU Know SMO is the only reliever airport on the west side of Los Angeles providing emergency evacuation for the region?

Now YOU Know and you can join SMAA to help spread the news; preserve Santa Monica’s Skyline and brighten the future of Santa Monica. Here’s how. Join SMAA at www.santamonicaairport.info

The Santa Monica Airport Association (SMAA) is dedicated to preserving and promoting the century old Santa Monica Municipal Airport for the many vital services it provides to Santa Monica and the nation including medical transport, economic development, education, conservation and recreation.

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  • Adam Cohen
    commented 2016-07-28 09:21:11 -0700

    where’d you get that alleged info. I fly out of KSMO all the time. I always climb to at least 2500 feet. But it takes a few minutes to climb that high. If you are right in the flight path close to the airport… Well no aircraft can immediately reach 1000 feet by the end of the runway.
  • Riccardo Tossani
    commented 2016-07-24 22:14:20 -0700
    Comment from a writer to the Santa Monica Observer:

    “Aside from the jets, almost a quarter of propeller planes departing SMO fly at altitudes significantly lower than mandatory FAA rules specifying 1000 ft above residential areas and the noise is extremely disruptive.”

    Do we have stats to dispute this?
  • Paul Neuhausen
    commented 2016-04-23 17:38:33 -0700
    My grandfather, Edwin Mills, helped build airplanes here as a student at SMCC before he joined the U.S. Army Air Corps in WWII. It is in his honor, and my grandmother’s – Barbara Anne Mills – that I support the continued use of the airport as it is now. Building more condominiums on the landing field not create any long term jobs and only create more ground traffic in an already overcrowded area. Finally, wiping away Los Angeles’s history is not the way to create social unity and harmony; the opposite situation will be the effect. Furthermore, with the increase in Drone-based aviation the Santa Monica Airport can experience an economic rebirth.