SMO's Future

Air Progress: What does the future look like for SMO?

Santa Monica Municipal Airport, the onetime Clover Field has been in the vanguard of aviation since 1917. Continuing in its leadership role, Santa Monica Airport has developed and codified one of the best and most successful noise abatement programs in the country. Beginning in 1985 this program and its refinements have given America one of its quietest airports with noise contours around the airport held to 65 dbl or less. Many parts of the city are now noisier than our airport due to traffic and other noise sources.

Santa Monica Airport is again poised to lead the way in 21st century America by pioneering new ways of remaining compatible and profitable in an era of ever increasing population density whose ill effects we are already beginning to experience with increased traffic congestion and over-development of our once open spaces.

Some people, who lack imagination and initiative, see closing the airport as the only path to the future-they think aviation is obsolete in the country that gave it birth. These people betray an almost complete lack of understanding of general aviation: how it is; what it is; and what it does for our country; They are a far cry from their predecessors who used aviation build our great country.

The challenges for the 21st century here at Santa Monica Airport are many. We want to see quieter planes. We want to see planes that are safer and less polluting. We want to see more efficient aircraft that use developing technologies to become stronger, faster and lighter. We will achieve all of these goals just as we have in the past. Aviation is not static and bound for obsolescence, but a dynamic endeavor always on the cutting edge of human achievement.

Airports like Santa Monica’s are a great bargain for their host communities. They bring in significant revenue with relatively low overhead. They provide open space and their resource use and pollution footprint are often the smallest in the area. They are safe having little injury and almost no crime of any kind. Some like ours are closed at night except for arrivals and are thus the quietest and cleanest area in the city taken on a 24hr. average. BW

SMAA Sponsors A New Pilot Through The Flying Scholarship For Girls Program

The Santa Monica Airport Association is proud to announce it's participation in the Flying Scholarship For Girls Program at Santa Monica Airport. Candidates are girls 15 yrs. or older currently enrolled in local high schools. They are chosen by a group of judges including one of their peers and the winner will have 30 months to complete the program to get a private pilot (LSA) license. Designed to work with the S.T.E.M. initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology) this program helps give girls a chance to put the skills they are learning at school to practical use and move forward to become future leaders in America. This is the second round of candidates in a program started by Kambiz Taleghani, a local civil engineer who got involved because of his daughter's interest in flying. Their story can be seen at:

This is one facet of SMO's future.

7 NextGen Programs to Watch For

We've all heard about NextGen, right? But how much do you really know about the programs involved? If you haven't studied up on it yet, now is the time. NextGen, the FAA's Next Generation Air Transportation System, is a complete overhaul of the National Airspace System as we know it, and it's being implemented whether you're ready or not. Here are seven programs NextGen Transformational Programs you need to know:


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