SMO Friday July 12 at 5:00 PM - Eco-Aviation welcomes George Bye, CEO Bye Aerospace & Kevin Noertker, CEO Ampaire


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5:00 PM Welcome Reception. Refreshments will be served.

Scott Burgess, President of Eco-Aviation Foundation International, will welcome the event, and give a brief introduction to the Foundation and its mission.

Laurel Rosen, President/CEO of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, will be welcoming Eco-Aviation to Santa Monica.

Edward Story, Vice-President of Eco-Aviation Foundation International, will introduce our two keynote industry leaders:

George Bye, CEO and Founder of Bye Aerospace. Bye Aerospace is on track to have the first all-electric airplane to be certified in FAA history! Their “eFlyer” family of aircraft, in addition to an advanced, medium-altitude, long-endurance solar-electric airplane called “Solesa,” position Bye Aerospace as a strong leader in the eco aviation market.

Kevin Noertker, CEO and Co-Founder of Ampaire. Los Angeles-based Ampaire is making flying more accessible to more people from more airports by developing electric aircraft that are less costly, safe, clean, and quiet. Los Angeles-based startup Ampaire retrofitted a Cessna 337 aircraft with an electric power-train, with the expectation of full commercial certification by 2021. The hybrid-electric aircraft took to the skies at Camarillo Airport, and it became the largest aircraft using electric propulsion to have ever flown. Ampaire, leading the charge!


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