Stop the "Reuse of Airfield Pavement" Project

We are asking you once again to help us call out the Santa Monica City Council on a wasteful and reckless spending decision.

Watch Video: Stop the "Reuse of Airfield Pavement" Project

The issues of greatest concern to Santa Monica residents are congestion, overdevelopment, homelessness and crime. All of these issues are escalating at a breathtaking rate and their impact is deteriorating the overall quality of life for residents of our City.

Now, another $3.5 million dollars is to be spent on a needless project at the Santa Monica Airport, which benefits neither residents nor airport users. Despite receiving numerous calls and letters against the “Reuse of Excess Airfield Pavement”, the Council is pushing this wasteful project forward with demolition scheduled to begin as early as May.

We all need to ask, why are they spending valuable public funds on a project that benefits no one?

Now is the time to write the City Council and insist they leave the airport pavement in place and use these $3.5 million dollars of public funds to address the real concerns of our City’s residents.

To contact the Santa Monica City Council: E-mail: [email protected] or Call: (310) 458-8201 

Finally, please visit the Santa Monica Airport Association’s Facebook page and Like & Share our “Leave the Pavement in Place” video.

Thank you for taking action to support Santa Monica Airport!


Christian Fry, President


For your convenience we’ve included the below text you may wish to copy and paste into an email.



SUBJECT: Stop the Reuse Of Airfield Pavement project!

Dear City Council Members,

I urge you to STOP the “Reuse of Excess Airfield Pavement” project. There is no benefit in removing the pavement, and in fact, to do so could pose serious safety hazards at the airport and increase liability risk for the City.

The airport must continue operations till 2029. For as long as it’s open, there is no sensible reason to spend millions of tax dollars to remove pavement.

Retention of the existing pavement maintains larger than standard safety areas while preserving the airport’s value in an emergency at no cost. It is incumbent on you to run this critical facility responsibly and safely.

This project has zero public benefit and is a waste of valuable city resources.

Leave the pavement in place!


[Your Name]


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