SMAA helps fledge a new pilot

12079788_553916388095458_3524031364857985180_o.jpgThe Fly SMO scholarship program for high school girls hit a minor snag last month when the Pipistrel LSA being used for training was damaged and had to be taken out of service at the original sponsor, Justice Aviation. This occurred just as the second scholar, Helen Lu, was about to begin training with our own Samira Zaina Abdelfattah, who is not only an accomplished airman but also works as ATC in the SMO tower. Several individual SMAA board members stepped forward and bought individual training flights through Charlie Thompson's Santa Monica Flyers using the Czech built SportCruiser LSA. Now, thanks to the magnanimous participation ($1000 restricted donation) of the Light Aircraft Cover Group, the SMAA can continue to support Helen in her quest to become a pilot. A most worthy endeavor indeed. If you would like to help, individual flights can be purchased directly through Santa Monica Flyers, located in the first hangar just west of the Typhoon restaurant, or click here to send it thru SMAA's Fly SMO Scholarship Fund now.

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