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It is our purpose to keep the website current and informative for our membership and the public at large.  Many things are happening that have placed Santa Monica Airport in the news and we want to make sure that visitors to the website get the facts as soon as they become available.  Please visit our website often.  The preservation and improvement of the Santa Monica Airport is our primary mission and our website exists to support that objective.  

The SMAA meets 1st & 3rd Mondays in the Barker Hangar 7:30PM

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The Santa Monica Airport needs the support of the community that uses and enjoys the airport, both aviator and non-aviator alike, to keep the airport open and operational for all.

We need your support as members to help make this happen! Please join us now! 

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In The News

In The News gives you all the news that's fit to print!

Follow the latest  breakthroughs in technology, aviation interest, and the latest developments in the battle to save the airport from developers!

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SMO Blog

The SMAA Blog page is where members and non-members alike are invited to post their thoughts, info, and musing about SMO and aviation in general.

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SMO's History

Santa Monica Airport, has a rich and colorful history. This is the place to begin your exploration of SMO's past...

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SMO's Future


What does the future hold for one of our Nation's oldest airports?

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"Pilot Talk"

Here you will find useful tips for flying "friendly" over the neighborhoods surrounding SMO as well as safety and maintenance tips, notams and pireps, with some good old "hangar flying" thrown in.  

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