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New 2017 Tie Down and Hangar Leases

The City is demanding a new lease for tie down and hangar tenants with what is one of the sloppiest and carelessly written documents we have seen in years. We believe the ruse of calling these agreements "licenses" instead of leases in no way relieves the City of its duties to tenants under State and Federal law, and are physically unenforceable with respect to a 24hr. notice to quit. For the time being until this gets sorted, we suggest that when you sign the new agreement, that you append the Tie down Cover Letter from the "Documents" section of this website (under the "About" heading). You may also get a copy of this from the Pilot Outfitters Supply in the Barker Hangar.

Hangar Rent Discrepancies and Remedy       Posted 3/31/16

It has come to our attention that the hangar rents charged by the City of Santa Monica in several instances are based on a faulty estimate of the square footage occupied by the hangars. If you believe you are being charged for more space than you occupy, there are steps you can take to get compensation. First measure the actual interior square footage of your leasehold as accurately as possible. Compare this with the amount you are being charged. If you are being charged for more space than you should be, you may file a claim against the city on this form:

File this with the City Clerk's office, & copy:

Ivan Campbell at the City Attorney's office and Stelios Makrides at the Airport Manager's office.

Calculate the difference in area and derive the amount of over-charge monthly and then multiply by the number of months since you began paying the new rate. File for this amount of compensation.



Security Reminder

Airport staff would like to remind us that the integrity of the secure airport flight line environment depends in a large part on each us remaining vigilant when entering and exiting through the automobile gates. Wait until the gate closes before proceeding into or out of, the airport secure areas.

Let's be great pilots and neighbors

Here are the Santa Monica Airport's published guides for operating in and out of SMO, in addition to the noise abatement procedures for fixed wing, rotorcraft and jet operations.

What Programs have been implemented at SMO to help reduce noise?

Don't Mach your neighbors

Strive to be a better pilot neighbor and learn the “sweet spot” for propeller efficiency and noise reduction

To produce maximum thrust at full power your tip speed should fall between .88 and .92 mach. To move between .88 and .92 mach usually takes a change of about 110 to 120 RPM. This of course varies depending on your particular propeller and the temperature.

If your tip speed is less than .88 mach you should increase RPM to achieve maximum thrust. If your tip speed is greater than .92 mach you should reduce RPM to achieve maximum thrust. Do not exceed the published operating limitations of your engine or propeller.

Over .92 mach the airflow begins to detach from the propeller which decreases efficiency and dramatically increases noise. To improve performance and public relations you should consider reducing RPM so as to fall within the .88 to .92 mach range. Your propeller will be producing maximum thrust which is good for you, and less noise which is good for all of us.


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