And now justice returns, to Santa Monica Airport

Great_Seal_of_the_United_States.svgThe Federal Aviation Administration ruled on December 4th, that the City of Santa Monica remains obligated to run Santa Monica Airport in accordance with current grant assurances until 2023. The decision, almost two years in the making, is well crafted and thorough and is expected to prevail in Federal Court. We consider this a solid victory in the battle to safeguard our airport. It puts an immediate stop to some of the most heinous proposals proffered by our venal and hostile city government. The full text is on our website here.

The past is prologue and we are now embarking on a new Part 16 complaint with the FAA. This will address the current egregious state of affairs here at SMO with regard to leases, fuels and landing fees by alleging unlawful discrimination and illegal diversion of revenue contravening various provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations. Like the determination just handed down, we expect this to be a lengthy and expensive process with similar positive results. 

After fifty years defending Clover Field, we can say with confidence that the battle to save our airport is never won, but is purchased day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, and year-by year with the sweat equity of myriad aviation supporters here and through NBAA and AOPA and, to get to the point of this message, a steady stream of hard cash from local pilots and businesses to pay the legal bills and keep the props turning

This Holiday season marks the beginning of a new and prolonged effort to raise public awareness of our Municipal Airport; what it is, what it does, how it works and how it benefits Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Southern California and, as an integral and essential piece of the nation’s transportation infrastructure, America as a whole. In addition to our ongoing support of the aviation scholarship for high school girls. field trips to the airport for local third graders and our participation in frequent EAA Young Eagles events, we will be expanding our activities to include aviation themed films and documentaries and occasional static displays of especially significant vintage aircraft. Celebrations of important milestones in aviation will also be marked with special events throughout the year. 

The above projects are ambitious and costly undertakings and we need your help to make them a success. Of paramount importance at this moment is your new or continued membership in the SMAA at the highest level you can afford. Please update your membership by clicking here

Additionally we need your volunteer help with the many and sundry events planned for the coming year.

One last request this holiday season, please make an extra effort to drop off an unwrapped new toy or sports item at one of the Spark of Love Toy Drive drop-off boxes at various localities around the airport (Atlantic AviationTyphoon RestaurantPilot Outfitters, The Museum of Flying). Each year we co-sponsor this event with the Santa Monica Fire Department to help assure a happy holiday season for underprivileged kids in Santa Monica. It gives us an important way to connect directly to our local community in a form that helps those who need it most.


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