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Santa Monica Municipal Airport, historic Clover Field,  can take you anywhere you want to go in these United States or the world at large.

Whether your interest is as an aviation business, aircraft owner/pilot, student pilot, instructor, or concerned airport neighbor, the Santa Monica Airport Association is promoting your interests and protecting your rights by helping to insure that your airport will be here for future generations and we need your help.

Combining the formidable resources of general aviation with a tradition of community service, the Santa Monica Airport has helped its neighboring communities to grow and prosper for a century. The Santa Monica Airport Association has played a decisive role in integrating these assets and the needs of our communities for the last fifty years. Santa Monica Airport is your local ambassador to America’s vast air transportation system, one of thousands across our country held in trust by their local host communities for the protection and prosperity of all who dwell within these fifty United States.

Your airport serves you every day with the routine rhythm of commerce and communication, and it stands ready in times of natural disaster to bring life-saving relief that can be provided in no other way. Anyone who is interested in general aviation or would like to find out how they can help Santa Monica Municipal Airport continue to be in the vanguard of American civil aviation is welcome here.

Join us today and lend us your hand in friendship and common purpose! Dig deep and contribute as much as you can to keep aviation alive and a part of your community.

Your Membership acts directly to preserve and improve Santa Monica Airport

Membership levels:

  • $1000 Aviation Business
  • $500 Aviation Supporter
  • $100 Tiedown
  • $50 Pilot
  • $25 Non-Pilot
  • $10 Student

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Or by mailing a check via the Unites States Postal Service payable to: Santa Monica Airport Association

You must concur with the following statement to join:

"I am in agreement with the aims and purposes of the Association, which I understand are to promote the development and perpetuation of the Santa Monica Municipal Airport for general aviation uses and to resist its curtailment in any manner. If I am accepted as a member, I agree to support these aims and purposes in every way possible."

Mailing Address:

Santa Monica Airport Association
3021 Airport Ave
Ste 210
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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