Shortened Runway and Taxiway Configuration

Federal Aviation Administration

Santa Monica Tower
3300 Donald Douglas Loop North
Santa Monica, CA 84116

Issued: 12/22/2017 2122 (UTC)Effective: 12/22/2017 2100 (UTC)
Santa Monica TowerLetter to Airmen: LTA-SMO-5

Subject: Shortened Runway and Taxiway Configuration

Cancellation: 12/21/2018 1200 (UTC)



Pilots are advised that Santa Monica Municipal Airport Runway 03/21 is shortened from 4,973 feet to 3,500 feet.

Distance remaining signage will be located at 1000 foot increments, south of runway 21.

Pilots should expect to exit the runway at a designated taxiway only.  

  • A1/B1— New taxiway location
  • A2/B2— Existing taxiways
  • A3/B3— New taxiway location
  • A4/B4— Existing taxiways, new name
  • A5/B5— New taxiways, new name


Do not exit the runway between marked exits, use the taxiways.

Pilot should also expect new hold areas on Alfa and Bravo in the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest corners of the airport under IFR weather conditions.

Temporarily, the run up areas on the east side of the airport will be other than as noted on published charts. The old South East run up area will remain in affect.  Pilots can expect to get taxi clearance to the old South East run up area and THEN a separate taxi clearance to the runway once the run up is complete. 

On the west side of the airport, run up areas are cut outs in the infield area between A3 & A2 and B3 & B2

When the new run up areas are constructed, they will be abeam A5 and B5.  These will be movement areas.

Due to the shortened runway, from December 23, 2017 until February 1, 2018, only the VOR-A and visual approaches will be available. All RNAV departures are available.

Pilots are encouraged to ask SMO ATC for clarification or help at any time they are uncertain or think they need additional assistance.

Pilots should review NOTAM's prior to operating at Santa Monica Airport.

Robert Russ
Air Traffic Manager, Santa Monica Tower 

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